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Preity Zinta’s workout routine involves running in place; here are its benefits

Preity Zinta approaches her workout regimen with utmost dedication, evident in the numerous fitness-related posts on her social media. Recently, the 47-year-old actor shared a gym video on Instagram, showcasing her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

In the video, Zinta engaged in a running session within the confines of the gym, choosing to run in place rather than moving forward. Captioning the video with, “Running towards a healthier me,” she displayed her determination while donning a tank top and gym pants.

The essence of Zinta’s workout involved shifting her weight from one leg to another, arms moving in a coordinated manner, simulating the act of running despite remaining stationary. Referred to as “running in place,” this cardio exercise serves as an effective warm-up before a full-fledged workout, with a specific focus on knees, butt, and thighs.

According to Healthline, this aerobic exercise offers numerous benefits, making it an ideal choice, especially when space is limited. Running in place contributes to muscle strength, stability, and flexibility, facilitating the development of a robust core and lower body. Particularly beneficial for individuals who enjoy running but find themselves in confined spaces, this exercise aids in alleviating knee pain and building knee strength. Additionally, it serves as a calorie-burning activity, supporting weight loss goals for those who engage in it regularly.

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